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A multitalented artist and technology pioneer, John De Titta stands out as developer of several patented apps geared toward artists and the arts funding community. Long before crowdfunding became the de facto method of raising funds, John De Titta developed a platform that utilized a similar model to support artists through a combination of advertising and fundraising. Since that time, John De Titta has continued to develop arts-related apps, currently holding six patents.  John De Titta developed his first artist-funding platform after experiencing difficulty finding funding to produce his original screenplay. The screenplay, based on his experiences as an entrepreneur, received interest from major studios but required significant rewrites. Though he was unable to complete the rewriting process due to personal circumstances, the original screenplay ultimately served as an inspiration for a blockbuster film that earned more than $200 million and received several Academy Award nominations.  Mr. De Titta balances his entrepreneurial efforts with an accomplished music career that has included performances alongside award-winning figures in the industry. Most recently, he collaborated with Ms. Monet on EP that he wrote the music, lyrics and played keyboard on.    The EP sold out regularly for Ms. Monet on the tour with BoZ Scaggs. 

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