John DeTitta

John DeTitta began his career at the early age of 18 writing songs and movie scripts.  A creative mind was always constantly moving seeking a release.

At 24 he began to get involved in Real Estate and bought and sold at the time hotels, condo complexes, service stations, office buildings and duplexes.

By the time he was 31, he left real estate and got involved in the art of marketing products.  He took a cardboard chair patent that had no value and got it placed into hundreds of ampitheatres across the country including a contract with the New York City Parks.

After selling that business, he dabled in the food industry adn other creative endeavors and eventually focused his creative talents in writing a screenplay.

The screenplay soon became a sought after script and soon had some of the most recognized producers attached and committements for a $5,000,000 budget.

He had a decision to make soon thereafter to either continue with the screenplay or take care of his daughter who needed his attention.  He stepped away from the screenplay and left what would soon become a $200,000,000 movie project and winner of several academy awards.

John DeTitta then focused his attention on creativity to enhance the creative community.  He filed patents on funding of the arts through crowds long before any of the crowdfunding sites ever were created.

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