John DeTitta - Film

John DeTitta has produced several films and web series. He also wrote a screenplay that was used to inspire a major academy award winning film.

It all began in the summer of 2002. John De Titta decided to write a movie about his experiences in entrepreneurship and went through the focused task of writing a 150-page screenplay. Upon completion he went out and started taking it up the stairs of the production world from producer to producer and learned a lot of about the film industry of which he scarcely knew existed.

He eventually made it to the top producers in the industry and got financial commitments of $5,000,000 to fund the script and make it into a featured film. The screenplay would have to go through a complete re-write and update to make it ready for the big screen and he along with his producers, went out about the interview process for screen writers.

During this time, John DeTitta had to step away from the project to take care of his daughter. His goal would be to come back after he had the time again and was free. One of the people involved in the process decided to take the screenplay on his own and found someone to re-write it without the knowledge of John De Titta.

The film was eventually made into a feature film that grossed over $200,000,000 international box office and won several academy awards with critical acclaim.

Instead of being upset, he most forward and focused on creating a method of funding for creative projects that would allow screenwriters, musicians, authors and other artists to have control of their creative destiny without relying on financial contributions from friends, family or investors. He filed a provisional patent of this method in 2004 and later a full payment on the process.

I remember when John filed his patent and was taken back with excitement at the hope it would enhance the lives of all those in the creative fields. As a producer myself I witnessed the energy, passion and commitment he had and glad to be part of his future projects.